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The Astrologer's Daughter
The Astrologer's Daughter

The Astrologer's Daughter is a Los Angeles-based writer & astrologer who has been listening to the music of the spheres since she was 8-years old. In addition to her B.A. in Communications from U.C.L.A., she is a proud graduate of the Steven Forrest Astrological Apprenticeship Program (Napa Valley, CA) having completed over 200 hours of study with this evolutionary astrologist and author of the foundational work The Inner Sky.  

Her fascination with astrology has transformed from reading the 99-cent Star Scrolls she bought in her hometown of Coronado, CA to analyzing individual birth charts as a psychological tool for greater self-awareness and discovery. Through observing her own experience as well as poring over the works of inimitable astrologists like Forrest, Liz Greene and Howard Sasportas, The Astrologer's Daughter has come to believe there is a meaningful, if inexplicable, connection between heaven and earth, above and below.

In addition to her blog on, she posts daily cosmic weather on's Facebook page as well as being's voice of the "Knowledge Expert" on Yahoo! Answers. She looks forward to your questions and comments and may be contacted for readings and events at

Check out The Astrologer's Daughter's blog, Astrology for Artists.


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